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Brian Geer

Three decades is a long time to be doing something
, and when you’re constantly learning and becoming better at your craft, that amount of time can literally put you at the top of your profession. That’s why Brian Geer is far more than just a home builder, he is a master builder of custom luxury homes that are stunning in appearance, and ultra-efficient in operation. His love for Southwest Utah is incorporated into every new construction project, using the natural surroundings to their best advantage, and creating homes that are open, airy, and ideally suited to appreciate the spectacular environment of the region.

The Brian Geer Way is a full-blown methodology for building homes that can easily be remembered as the PTHQ approach – Partnership, Transparency, Honesty, and Quality. Each beautiful custom-built home is literally a partnership between contractor and client, a give-and-take relationship that makes it possible to achieve results fully appreciated by both. Honesty and transparency go hand-in-hand, with the new homeowner having full and open access to every phase of project activity. With quality built-in at every step, the natural result of this mutually beneficial collaboration is a breath-taking new home that both parties can be tremendously proud of.

Brian Geer first came to the St. George, Utah area in 1994 as a framer/general contractor, after having honed his craft in Southern California for 16 years. He fell in love with the natural beauty of the area and established himself as a premier builder of custom luxury homes, who quickly became much in demand. His genuine love for his work and his determination to provide clients with the very best results on every project have become professional trademarks, as everyone knows who has collaborated with him.

Parade of Homes Logo

Brian has participated in the St. George Parade of Homes since 1998 which occurs annually and recognizes outstanding achievement in the construction of new homes, in and around the St. George, Utah area.


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