There are several ways that the business practices and professionalism of a contractor can be verified, one of which is via testimonials provided by satisfied customers. While glowing testimonials and reviews are constantly being added to the catalog of happy Brian Geer clients, there are also other indicators of just how well respected the company is.



The Southern Utah Home Builder’s Association is the most prominent trade organization centered around the building industry in Southern Utah, and Brian Geer has been a member of this worthy group for many years. He has even served as a member of the Board for the Association, lending his expertise and knowledge to advance the cause of home construction in the state of Utah.


Certified Green Profressional

Brian Geer has been recognized by the NAHB National Green Building Program as a company which makes best use of resource efficiency, site design, and building operation. Alongside that, the company has also earned Energy Star Certification for meeting the strict guidelines on energy-efficient home systems, as well as construction techniques.


The Better Business Bureau recognizes Brian Geer Development and Construction as a fully accredited business, delivering results appreciated by clients, and always striving for 100% satisfaction.

Awards and Recognitions

Anyone can point out their own wonderful achievements and qualities – and almost everyone does – but the real proof of excellence is in what others say about you. Because of the personal and professional qualities Brian Geer has, his honesty, integrity, expertise, and genuine concern for customer satisfaction are all characteristics pointed out by both clients and business organizations.

Brian Geer Development and Construction regularly garners excellent reviews from Angie’s List, and customer testimonials are routinely lavish in praising the hands-on personal attention given by Brian to each and every project. The Better Business Bureau recognizes him for outstanding company performance, and Brian’s construction methods have earned him status as a Certified Green Professional, as well as Energy Star Certification for efficiency of home construction and home comfort systems installed.

Being a member of SUBA, (Southern Utah Builder Association), Brian has given monetarily and has volunteered his time to their ongoing projects to the community.

As one highly appreciative customer put it, “Brian Geer is the first contractor we have ever had that not only listens, but cares.”

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